Frequently Asked Questions

The origins of reformer pilates date back to the original pilates studio in New York in the 1920’s and was designed by Joseph Pilates. The reformer uses springs, pulleys, bars and straps to perform hundreds of exercises in a variety of positions to target very specific and stabilising muscle groups.

As quoted by Joseph Pilates himself (the founder of the Pilates Method) – “Pilates develops the body uniformly, corrects wrong postures, restores physical vitality, invigorates the mind and elevates the spirit”.

The ultimate mind & body connection. Reformer pilates aims to target each individual muscle group in isolation, working from the abdominals and core, through to arms, glutes, legs and back. The exercises performed within the class change on a daily basis, placing the muscles under altering loads. This is an ideal technique for building and toning muscles and giving an all-over body workout as well as offering unique benefits to your mind. By adding spring resistance as well as light hand weights during some exercises, we will ensure you experience a total body workout. You will feel a muscle burn like you’ve never experienced before! Think pleasurable pain!

Unlike some other physical activities, Reformer Pilates can be done on a daily basis. It is gentle enough that it won’t tear muscles, yet challenging enough to keep you motivated. There are hundreds of movements and exercises on the reformer so you will feel your workouts targeting your body from all different angles. Even if you can only come to Pilates once a week, it will assist in strengthening weakened areas and help promote strength, flexibility and balance.

If you are completely new to exercise or are in recovery please discuss regularity of visits with your studio instructor.

Anyone and everyone! The beauty of Reformer Pilates is that it is suitable for any age and will seriously benefit your well being whatever your age. Pilates is low-impact and suitable for all ages and abilities (from beginners to athletes). The added benefit of doing the exercises on the reformer is that you can adjust the level of intensity to suit your own body; we help each personto obtain an overall body workout at minimal risk of injury, and within your own limits. All of our classes have a qualified instructor to provide specific technique correction and adjustment to each individual. Please be prepared that our instructors will use their hands when necessary to correct body positions.

Yourself, enthusiasm, water, grip socks (essential)and comfortable/suitable clothing.

That’s completely ok. Not only will you strengthen and slim down from doing reformer Pilates, you’ll also get more flexible. Being more flexible will assist in reducing stiffness and soreness in the body, as well as aid to get long, lean muscles. You will feel empowered, stronger & more flexible than ever after regular visits to our reformer instructors in Formby.

We don’t specialise in prenatal Reformer Pilates and do not take bookings for those who are pregnant.

Yes, our Formby Reformer Pilates Studio has ample parking right outside.

Yes you can. We stock a variety of designs and sizes of grip socks by Tavi Noir at the Studio.

Cancellation Policy Details

ReformMe Pilates Studio in Formby, has a Courtesy Policy requiring 24hours’ notice for a cancellation from any pilates class or private. Any cancellation within 24 hours notice of the class time will be charged at full rate.

We require a 50% non refundable deposit at the time of booking and in the event you cannot attend and you inform us before 24 hours of your class start time, we are more than happy to switch you onto a different class within a 4 week period.

ReformMe Reformer Pilates Etiquette

Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your class start time on your first visit as you will need to complete a Client Questionnaire. When you arrive at the studio, your instructor may be instructing a class. Please have a seat in the waiting area and your instructor will welcome you in once it is time to start.

Class begins promptly at start time and we are unable to wait for late clients.  If you are late to class, we will be unable to include you. Unfortunately our 24 hour cancellation policy will apply.

Please ensure you wear comfortable exercise clothing to your class, keeping in mind that you may have your legs in an open position for some of the exercises. Boys, if wearing rugby or footy shorts – please wear some skins underneath.

It is also mandatory that all classes be performed in socks for safety and hygiene reasons. Non-slip socks are also available for purchase in your studio. We also recommend you water to stay hydrated and always encourage our guests to be kind to the environment and bring a refillable bottle as we have ice cold water available in the studio.