Find out why a Reformer Pilates Studio is a must-try experience for those who fear a visit to the gym

When after a long hard day at the office or with the kids and the gym feels like a chore,  there’s one activity which will make you feel relaxed, elated and in seriously fit shape. If you associate a gym with bright lights, sweaty mats, ques for key equipment and maybe a room full of school mums, colleagues and all sorts of other acquaintances  who you would prefer not to bump into, (did we just admit that!) then you should consider the benefits of visiting a Reformer Pilates Studio.  The endorphin-boosting, energising experience teamed with a calm, welcoming environment is becoming a huge hit with those gym-phobic people who are craving exercise.
To our delight, over recent years, we have seen the exercise industry take on a new form, one that’s arguably more sophisticated and wellness-led, and heavily inspired by the boutique fitness studio scene in major cities across the world.  This includes the opening of Reformer Pilates Studios and here at our Formby studio, we are delighted to offer a boutique, personalised and (if required) private exercise experience that can cater for every fitness level or desired exercise environment.  Whether you’re an experienced athlete wanting to build endurance or you’re a exercise-phobic beginner who would love to enjoy inspirational fitness and well-being in a private environment, ReformME is the ultimate destination.
At ReformME, we are committed to delivering a challenging yet enjoyable experience for the mind and body.  With an emphasis on functional movement, postureand strengthening the body and mind, Reformer Pilates is an exercise that lends itself particularly well to a calm, fresh, stress-free and energising studio environment that offers supervision and programmes that are tailored to your individual needs.
If you would like to visit ReformME Pilates Studio in Formby for private lessons or classes, please email

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