History Of Reformer Pilates: Invented 100 Years Ago in WW1


Thought that Reformer Pilates is a sass little newcomer to the world of Pilates?  Not true!  Let us share with you the history of Reformer Pilates.  It was in fact the invention of Joseph Pilates during World War 1!


On the outbreak of World War I, he used his time as an internee to start developing a new approach to exercise and body-conditioning – the start of what is known today as Pilates.

During his internment, he also got the chance to work as a nurse. This, in turn, gave him the chance to experiment by attaching springs to hospital beds, so that patients could start toning their muscles even while they were still bed-bound. Such were the origins of the first Pilates machines now known as the Pilates reformer. In their early incarnation the Pilates reformer was shaped like a sliding bed and used springs as resistance.

So how does Reformer Pilates compliment our modern life?

Our daily routines, habits and exercise regimes can cause us to overuse or incorrectly use some muscle groups. This can cause poor posture and alignment during our most basic of daily activities such as walking, sitting at a computer or standing. Muscle imbalance can cause faulty body mechanics, which can lead to injuries, pain and discomfort.


reformer pilates formby
Reformer Pilates, incorporated with proper stretching and strengthening, will help with misalignment and restore balance to the body – pain free. As you start to integrate the principles of Pilates into your daily life, they will provide you with strength, posture, true alignment and, most importantly, no pain.

From Athletes, to Health & Wellbeing Magazine Editors, to men and woman across the globe:  Reformer Pilates has become ‘big news with big benefits’ according to a recent article in Woman’s Health Magazine. 

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